Enhance Your Short Game with the Ray Cook SR500 Putter

The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter is a high-quality golf putter that has gained popularity among golf enthusiasts. With its black finish and eye-catching details, it offers both visual appeal and a comfortable grip. This review will provide insights into the product features and share personal experiences of users who have tried the putter.

As a former low handicap player, I have always struggled with my short game, especially putting. I have invested in many expensive putters over the years, but the Ray Cook SR500 Putter has pleasantly surprised me. During a recent round, I sank several challenging putts, including a 20-footer, two 6-footers, and a 10-footer. This putter’s lightweight design instills confidence and helps align putts accurately. It has truly made a positive impact on my game, even as a double-digit handicapper now. I only wish I had discovered this putter during my high school or college days, as it might have propelled me to turn pro.

Eye-Catching Design


The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter boasts a sleek black finish with eye-catching red and white details. Its visually appealing design is sure to turn heads on the green. Additionally, the putter features a mid-size grip that provides a comfortable and secure feel during every stroke. This combination of style and functionality makes the SR500 Putter a standout choice for golfers looking to make a statement with their equipment.

Tour-Quality Performance


Designed with precision and balance in mind, the SR500 Putter offers tour-weighted performance that enhances overall putting consistency. The premium cast construction ensures a soft feel, allowing for optimal control and feedback. Golfers can expect a more fluid stroke thanks to the slight weighting of the putter head. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner looking to improve your short game, the SR500 Putter delivers professional-level performance that will elevate your putting skills.

Versatility and Options


The SR500 Putter comes in a rich charcoal grey finish, adding a touch of sophistication to your golf bag. What’s more, it is available in several styles, allowing golfers to choose the one that suits their personal preferences and aligns with their unique playing style. With options to cater to different tastes and needs, the SR500 Putter ensures that every golfer can find the perfect fit for their game.

Confidence-Boosting Performance

One of the standout features of the SR500 Putter is its ability to instill confidence in golfers. With its precise alignment and consistent performance, this putter helps golfers line up their putts with ease and accuracy. The soft mid-size paddle style grip offers a comfortable and secure hold, further enhancing the golfer’s confidence and control on the green. When you have the SR500 Putter in your hands, you can trust that each stroke will be executed with precision and confidence.

Positive Customer Reviews

The SR500 Putter has garnered an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 1,576 customer reviews. Golfers have praised its performance, with one former low handicap player expressing delight in sinking multiple putts with ease. Others have commended its balance and straight hitting ability, making it a valuable addition to their golfing arsenal. The positive feedback from satisfied customers further reinforces the quality and effectiveness of the SR500 Putter.

Affordable Quality

The SR500 Putter offers exceptional quality at an affordable price point. Golfers have found great value in this putter, considering its performance and features. With its solid build and precision design, the SR500 Putter provides an excellent putting experience without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a casual golfer or a dedicated enthusiast, this putter offers the perfect balance of quality and affordability.


  • The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 putter has a black finish highlighted with red and white details, giving it an eye-catching look.
  • This putter is tour weighted and balanced, providing a soft feel and optimum putting consistency.
  • The Ray Cook SR500 putter comes with a head cover included, protecting the club head when not in use.


  • Some users may find the putter to be too light, which could affect their feel and control during the stroke.
  • The paddle-style grip may not be suitable for players who prefer a different grip style.
  • While the putter is available in several styles, the specific style options are not mentioned in the product description.


In conclusion, the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter is a well-balanced and reliable club that offers excellent value for its price. The positive reviews from other users further validate its performance on the green. Whether you’re chipping or putting, this putter delivers stability and control. The alignment assist feature is particularly helpful for those struggling with direction and speed. If you’re in the market for a new putter that can enhance your short game, I highly recommend giving the Ray Cook SR500 Putter a try.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the Ray Cook SR500 putter suitable for players of all skill levels?

Answer: Yes, the Ray Cook SR500 putter can be used by players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.

Question: Does the putter come with a warranty?

Answer: The product description does not mention a warranty, so it’s best to check with the manufacturer or seller for warranty information.

Question: Can the putter help improve putting accuracy?

Answer: Many users have reported improved putting accuracy with the Ray Cook SR500 putter, thanks to its alignment features and balanced design. However, individual results may vary.

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